Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a virtual organisation supporting a scalable virtual service, by using technology and satellite communications to provide healthcare and education solutions to support individual community’s needs.

We will use the opportunity of reaching local and transient groups of people with diverse and shifting healthcare and education requirements primarily in the Middle East and African region, but also in other regions where infrastructure and resource needs have traditionally been hard to fulfil.

This initiative will enable education and healthcare to be defined locally and delivered by the local people who would ultimately benefit. They would have ownership of both the knowledge and leadership to do so in a way that is sustainable.

Significant benefits will be delivered by supporting educational, and medical or dental services with back-end expertise (either delivered in emergency situations or in a clinic based environment) using satellite or broadband technology to deliver ‘virtual consultations’ or support services to frontline staff (using very simple means like mobile phones or portable satellite equipment) to deliver:

  • Medical and Dental outreach services – local, refugee camps and sites of conflict.
  • Public health services
  • Virtual diagnostics support- Triage assessments
  • Diagnostics – pathology and radiology support
  • Paediatric and vaccination support
  • Maternity and obstetric support
  • Infectious disease and chronic disease diagnosis and management support
  • Specialist vetinary care for animals/ livestock

The principle aims are:

  • ‘Up-skilling’ of front line support, either in a traditionally managed education programme framework OR as an informal but inevitable knowledge transfer back into local communities (community nurses and midwives, etc.).
  • Manage and support accessible education and healthcare training to locals who deliver care within these communities.
  • Enable any organisation within the network to provide the infrastructure to be to be capable of delivering local education and healthcare.
  • Deliver beneficial healthcare and training to existing academic communities and frameworks.

We recognise that the way to deliver these benefits is to create a community of health and education partners that is multi-organisational and capable of sustainability in changing social, political or economic situations.